#thephotogrpaphersmind - episode 1

I met the other day an extraordinary dreamer, a talented and passionate Australian writer who asked me for an interview. I’m grateful for this opportunity which inspired me to create a new rubric #thephotographersmind where I want to share with you my point of views. 

Enjoy this journey with me and let me know your thoughts! 

F.J.: Elena, why do you love being a photographer? 

E.L.: I love photography mainly for three reasons. 

The first reason is that it allows me to show the world the beauty that I see, I literally put it in the spotlight, enhancing it and making it evident even to the person that has been photographed. It is immense the satisfaction that I feel when I see how people discover aspects and beauty on themselves, that they haven’t seen before. 

The second reason is that it allows me to connect with people. I have in my imagination the image of the photo that I want to make, and then the fun continues by putting all the pieces of the puzzle, in this case, the shot or series of photos, together. One of the key elements is the person, the model in front of my camera and the team I’m working with. Being on the same page, understanding each other we work together on bringing to life a project made with the sum of energies and as a consequence, magic happens. 

The third reason is an expression. I am always in the search for something, that will trigger me to awake the idea is hidden inside me. I love the details, so I observe, and when I am immersed in my adventure, inspiration finds me. That’s why I’m always full of ideas and my background in project management helps me to put my ideas into photography projects.         

An excerpt from the interview with Sydney-based photographer Elena Levkovskaya by Fabian Jaimes.

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