an ode to colours in the city

Luminosity + City
It’s about the connection between strangers and particular colour.

It’s an attempt to find energetically colourful people in the grey city, to understand, define and enhance their inner colour and to show this beauty in an artistic way: on location, headshot or in coloured light in the home photo studio.

The plan was 5 colours (15 models), but we’ve already done 12 colours.
Photographer and the project had been featured and exhibited by RAW: natural born artist org in Sydney, 2018.



Creative Director & Photographer: Elena Levkovskaya

Hair & Make Up: Robiya Yuldasheva

Assistant: Vasyl Zubach

Models: Anna C., Isabella C., Janina P., Zhanna S., Elena V., Iruna P., Hoa D., Aiswarya S., Lorett F., Anastasiia B., Diane K., Yana S., Lauren B., Robi Y., May A., Olena S., Tetiana L., Shuba G., Sarah R., Nata A., Katarzyna J., Joy T., Nikki T., Jamie L., Madina T., Julla T., Jadez T., Mary B., Giang N., Marina B., Joanna O., Aisha A.

Special thanks to Elena Vorona and Anna Chebotar


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