Celebrating Second Anniversary!

Woah, it’s been already two years since my fresh start as a photographer. Time flies! This year was incredibly saturated and challenging due to all of the craziness we’ve all experienced. 

Today I’m happy to celebrate my new milestone, what we have done and achieved together this year. Happy anniversary to me and everyone who has been by my side, for whom and with whom I worked last year. It’s been an enormous pleasure! ❤️ 

Traditionally, here’s my year in numbers: 

🔘 11 editorials published in 7 countries; 

 🔘 1 cover in a fashion magazine; 

🔘 1 exhibition; 

 🔘 represented by 2 galleries in 2 countries; 

 🔘 2 published books&catalogue with my works and about me; 

🔘 2 published photobooks with a personal project; 

🔘 3 fundraising campaigns raised in total over $40k for bushfire relief; 

🔘 3 photo awards; 

🔘 3 personal projects; 

🔘 2 video works published for educational purposes in 2 countries; 

 🔘 more than 400 people in front of my camera. 

 Thank you for being a part of this journey! I’m grateful for having you in my life, feeling your support, knowing we are on the same beautifully created and always colourful page. I’m thankful for having the best clients, @rawaustralia for making me a part of a media team. You all give me strengths and inspiration to move on! 

 Love, Elena x

 P.S.: Taking bookings for February already. 

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Deep Blue - L’Officiel Australia July 2020

Deep Blue, a beauty story by Elena Levkovskaya was published in L’Officiel Australia July 2020:

Creative team:

Magazine - L’Officiel Australia @lofficielau  lofficiel.com.au
Photographer - Elena Levkovskaya @e.l.photographer levkovskaya.com

Model - Gael Cameron @gaellcameron @ Royalle Modelling Agency royallemodelling.com.au

Makeup Artist - Jessica Maas @jmaasmua

Here’s the original story available online:


behind the scenes

‘Bioluminescence in Australia’ by Elena Levkovskaya has been featured in Twig Science Reporter

In January 2020 we were lucky ones to witness and have a chance to record an extraordinary appearance of the glowing ocean in Jervis Bay, Australia. The bioluminescence is caused by blooms of large single-cell organisms called dinoflagellates. The particular dinoflagellate glowing in the Australian waters is the Noctiluca scintillans species or bioluminescent algae.

This rare scene of bioluminescence has been revealed by Elena Levkovskaya Photography and featured in Science reporter by Twig Education & Imperial College London. 

Twig Science Reporter is free to access and is designed to bring real-world science into classrooms and engage students aged 7-11.

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