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Elena Levkovskaya, also known as Olena Levkivska, is an accomplished fine art portraiture, beauty, and fashion editorial photographer and painter based in Sydney, Australia.  

Throughout her career, Elena has received numerous awards and recognition for her work. In 2018, she was honoured as one of the 'Top 30 Photographers of the Year' in Australia, a remarkable achievement in the competitive field of photography. In 2020, she was featured in 'Leaders in Contemporary Art,' a documentation highlighting leading contemporary artists and their exceptional artwork.

Elena's artworks have been showcased in exhibitions across Australia and New Zealand, gaining widespread acclaim. Her work has also been featured in prestigious beauty and fashion magazines on an international level, including renowned publications like Vogue and L'Officiel.

As an artist, Elena Levkovskaya is associated with Bluethumb Art Gallery and RAW Natural Born Artists, both based in Australia. These associations provide her with valuable representation and opportunities to showcase her artworks to a broader audience.

Having Ukrainian origin and moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2015, Elena's connection to her Ukrainian roots played a significant role in her response to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine that occurred on 24 February 2022.

As a result, she co-organised dozens of fundraising exhibitions titled 'True Blue and a little bit of Yellow,' with the primary goal of raising funds to provide assistance and support to those affected by the war. 

Through these exhibitions, Elena utilised her artistic talents and connections within the art community to mobilise support and generate funds for humanitarian causes. Her initiative garnered attention and support from both the Australian and international communities, as the situation in Ukraine attracted global concern.

Elena works in her studio in Eastgardens, NSW, Australia

Elena Levkovskaya as a Painter

Elena Levkovskaya's textural oil paintings are an example of her own developed artistic style, which can be described as a contemporary fusion of Divisionism and Neo-Impressionism. The blending of these two art movements results in visually stimulating artwork.

The hallmark of Elena's technique lies in the separation of colours into individual patches, reminiscent of Divisionism. Divisionism involves applying small strokes of colour to the canvas, which, when viewed from a distance, blend optically to create a harmonious and vibrant image. However, Elena deviates from the mechanical approach of traditional Divisionists by employing a more spontaneous and expressive method. She applies her patches with a variety of palette knives in different sizes and forms, giving her work a touch of Neo-Impressionism. The influence of Neo-Impressionism in Elena's paintings can be felt through her use of spontaneous patches, which echo the movement's emphasis on capturing the play of light and color in the world. The combination of Divisionism's structured approach and Neo-Impressionism's focus on visual effects results in an engaging and dynamic visual experience for the viewers.

In her art, Elena also explores texture, adding another layer of depth and dimension to her paintings. By using oil as her medium, she is able to create rich and luscious textures that add a tactile quality to her works.
Additionally, she may incorporate elements such as gold or silver leaves or natural materials, further enhancing the sensory experience and adding an element of luxuriousness to her pieces.

Elena Levkovskaya's unique approach to painting, blending Divisionism and Neo-Impressionism with her spontaneous and textural style, sets her apart as an artist with a distinct and captivating vision. Her artworks offer viewers a rich and immersive experience, inviting them to explore the interplay of colors, light, and texture in a truly contemporary and innovative manner.



2023 'Colours of Freedom", Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf, NSW, Australia 
2023 'Colours of Freedom', The Watch House, Balmain, NSW, Australia
2023 'Ukraine: a War Diary of Lives', Estuary Art Center, Orewa, New Zealand
2023 Peter Shmigel Book Launch 'Contours', M4 Parramatta, NSW, Australia
2023 'Ukraine: Secrets of Resilience' Sydney Town Hall, NSW, Australia

2022 'Prayer for Ukraine', St.Andrew's Cathedral, Town Hall, NSW Australia
2022 'Australiana', Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby, NSW Australia
2022 'Springs Gives Us Hope', Mona Vale Pop-Up Gallery, NSW Australia
2022 'Ukrainian Talents of Australia', Lidcombe, NSW, Australia
2022 'Hope for Ukraine', the Photostudio, Glebe, NSW, Australia
2022  'UNITED', Curl Curl Creative Space, Curl Curl, NSW, Australia
2022 'True Blue and a little bit of Yellow', Gosford Community Gallery, Gosford, NSW, Australia

2019 'Evoke' RAW: natural born artists, Sydney, Australia

2018 'Ovation' RAW: natural born artists, Sydney, Australia


2021 Bluethumb Art Prize, finalist

2021 Artavita International Art Contest, Artist of the Year, finalist 

Top 35 Australia Photographers in 5th 35Awards International Photography Award 2020

Top 8% Photographer 2019 in Art Photography Category in 35 Awards (International)

Top 30 in Fremantle International Portrait Prize (FIPP) 2019

Photographer of the Year 2018 - Australian Photography Award, Top 30 photo of the year.

2019 Highly Commended in the Mono Awards 2019, Capture Magazine, Australia.

2019 Highly Commended in Photo of the Year Category, Australian Photography Magazine, Australia.

35 Awards "100 best photos of the Year", International Annual Photo Award 2017 - top 20 Australia, certificate of participation.

35 Awards "100 best photos of the Year", International Annual Photo Award 2016 - 2nd stage.


2022 "True Blue and a little bit of Yellow' - an ongoing fundraising art project aiming to generate funds for humanitarian causes related to the war in Ukraine

2020 "Bodyscapes" - fine art project

2019 "Museum" - fine art project, published in magazines and exhibited in Sydney, Australia

2019 "Mona" - fine art project, Highly Commended in the Mono Awards 2019, Capture Magazine, Australia; Top 8% Photographer 2019 in Art Photography Category in 35 Awards (International); Top 30 in Fremantle International Portrait Prize (FIPP) 2019

2018 "The Drought" - fine art project. Top-30 Photo of the Year in Photographer of the Year 2018, Australian Photography Magazine, Australia

2018 "LuminoCity" - an ode to colours, people and the city. Exhibited in Sydney, Australia

Published in:

Curatorial V.2 Leaders in Contemporary Art 2020 (book)
APÉRO Catalogue (the USA) - December 2019 (book)

VIGOUR Magazine - July 2021
Miss Earth Magazine - July 2021
Angels Australia - February 2021

Vogue Italia - October 2020
FEROCE Magazine - The POC Annual October 2020
ASC Fashion Magazine (New York) - October 2020
MOSS Magazine (Australia) - September 2020
Mob Journal (the USA) - August 2020
L'Officiel Australia - July 2020
MOEVIR Magazine (France) - March 2020
VZSN Magazine (Atlanta, GA) - February 2020
STYLÉ CRUZE Magazine (the USA) - January 2020

VOGUE Italia - December 2019
CREATORS Magazine (Canada) - October 2019
SHUBA Magazine (Russia) - Fashion | October 2019
MONACO MADAME (Monaco)- Fashion | September 2019
ELEGANT Magazine (the USA) - Fashion | August 2019
IMIRAGE (Canada) - No 436 | Beauty | May 2019
FADDY Magazine (Italy) - Beauty | April 2019
SALYSÉ Magazine (Columbia, MD, USA)- Beauty | March 2019
FADDY Magazine (Italy) - Fashion | February 2019
ELEGANT Magazine (the USA) - Fashion | January 2019

In the Gallery:

Bluethumb, Australia
Eupictures, Belgium

In store:

Vida, USA


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